Poacher 2022 Online Booking System

Group Bookings

Before you begin, please read the following tips from the Bookings Team to make your registration process easier.

  • Make sure you have the details of the unit you are registering.
  • Ensure you've checked with your other leaders to ensure they have not already registered.
  • Ensure you have the details of who will be primary contact for the booking including email, phone number and address.
  • Ensure you have an estimate of the number of participants you expect to attend.
  • All Scouts and Explorers wishing to attend camp as full Participants should be totalled together and added as ‘Scouts’.
  • All Guides, Rangers and Young Leaders wish to attend as full Participants should be totalled together and added as ‘Guides’.
  • All Participants (regardless of Section) must be aged between 10 and 17 on the first day of Poacher.  

Make a Group Booking

We hope that you find the booking process really straight forward, but if you need it we are always here to help, so just email us at bookings@poacher.org.uk.

Staff Registration

Thank you for your interest in attending Poacher 2022 as Staff Member, we are very grateful your support.

All members of staff must be aged 18 or over unless you are attending as a 14-17 Participant/Staff Role.  

If you have already been accepted as a Staff Member please contact your Team Leader/Manager who will provide you with a direct link to be able to book onto Poacher 2022 as Staff.  If you haven't yet been accepted as a Staff Member then please book via this link Staff Booking.  You will be able to select in which team/area you think your skills mean you will best fit.

If you are an External Contractor bringing an Activity to site please contact your Poacher 2022 contact who will be able to assist you with booking onto site. 

Join the Team